Producing energy certificates using Dynamic Simulation Modeling (DSM)

The standard way of producing EPCs is using SBEM. Buildings considered as Level 5 for the purposes of EPCs require an EPC to be carried out using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM). In addition to Level 5 buildings using DSM modelling for EPCs can be undertaken on all building types including Level 3 and 4 buildings.

DSM is s specialised type of building modelling for energy in buildings and several key advantages over SBEM and with MEES to be introduced in England and Wales in 2018 owners are increasingly requesting that Dynamic Simulation Modelling is used as opposed to SBEM for the creation of EPCs even where the building isn't a Level 5 building.

The key advantages of DSM are as follows.

• Hourly weather data with time-step control

• Orientation and PV inclination modelled at 1degree increments

• Ability to model geometry in more detail for better results

• The inclusion of internal openings

• Improved modelling of glazing and solar shading and reflection

• Inter-zone heat transfer and better modelling of thermal mass

• Overall more accurate analysis

A building is deemed as a Level 5 building in Scotland, England and Wales if any of the following criteria is present. Ventilation with Enhanced Thermal coupling to a structure, Automatic blind control, Atria.