Project delivery - The Regent Centre, Kirkintilloch

A summary of Energy Performance Certificates that we have produced for The Regent Centre is below.

folder Access and download the EPC documents here. 

Unit Occupier EPC area EPC rating 2002 equiv. (2) 2002 status Potential EPC rating (3) Equiv. English EPC (1) Comments
Unit 3 Unoccupied   G 107     C 40 D 96  
Unit 5 Unoccupied   D 60     C 36 B 46  
Unit 10 Unoccupied   F 95     C 42 E 112  
Unit 16-18 Unoccupied   E 76     B 28 C 57  
Common areas Common areas, management, non-public circulation D 58 Pass C 33 C 55

(1) The EPC rating system is different in England and Wales. In England and Wales, there are minimum EPC ratings for all sizes of buildings currently set at EPC grade E.

(2) In Scotland from 1 September 2016, regulations require the assessment and improvement of existing non-domestic buildings with an area of more than 1,000 m². See for information. The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016.

(3) This is the EPC rating when the assessor recommendations are applied.

Regent Centre - First floor