Howgate Shopping Centre EPC

This is a delivery page for the EPCs instructed. As summary of results is provided below and the individual reports can be downloaded using the link below. The downloads provided ae Lodged EPCs, Outputs, a summary of recommendations with the individual effects demonstrated and an overview of each unit with photographs and representative model images of the units.

Click here:  folder Download Howgate EPCs - November 2017

Address Trading entity Status EPC rating E&W equiv Scottish
 ScottishEPCRating  English EPC Rating  PotentialEPCratingScotland
Unit 13 USC Lodged D 60 C 72 D 49 - Recs
Unit 14 Dorothy Perkins Lodged E 80 D 76 C 38 - Recs
Unit 14A Evans Retail Lodged E 77 D 83 D 51
Unit 15 Card World Lodged D 50 C 57 D 49
Unit 16 Bodycare Lodged E 71 D 76 D 60
Unit 16 (C & D) River Island Lodged E 67 C 57 C 31 
Unit 16d Debenhams DRAFT  F 100  Exempt from  S63 Action Plan 
Unit 26 H Samuel Lodged E 80 D 76 D 59
Unit 26A Brows and More Lodged F 93 C 61 D 49
Unit 29 Quiz Lodged F 92 D 83 E 64
Unit 32 Superdrug Lodged D 58 C 68 D 49

 E&W equiv. An equivalent rating used in England and Wales but using Scottish climate data. Scottish EPC rating bands are different than that used in England & Wales and more information can be found here.