Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Dynamic Simulation Modelling, DSM, rather than SBEM is required to produce EPCs for Level 5 buildings. The assessor must be qualified as a Level 5 assessor. A building is considered Level 5 where one or more of the of the following are present in the building. * Atria * Enhanced Thermal Coupling to Structure * Automatic Blind Control * Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Key advantages of producing EPCs using Dymanic Simulation Modelling

• Hourly weather data with time-step control

• Orientation and PV inclination modelled at 1degree increments

• Ability to model geometry in more detail for better results

• The inclusion of internal openings

• Improved modelling of glazing and solar shading and reflection

• Inter-zone heat transfer and better modelling of thermal mass

• Overall more accurate analysis