Is an EPC required for a shell building?

Yes, where the expectation is that a unit will be conditioned an EPC is required. The following rules are required to be met when preparing an EPC for a shell unit. However, the detail needs to be established at a local level on a case by case basis:

. No heating – use electric resistance heating as per SBEM.

. Other services – make as few assumptions as possible and only where necessary to make the calculation work in SBEM.

. Any assumptions that must be made, which involve fixed services which are subject to minimum levels of energy efficiency in building regulations should default to the least onerous levels. 

Note: where the building offered for sale or rental is a new building, the EPC will be provided as part of the building warrant process. For a shell building with incomplete services installation, the EPC will be based upon a notional services specification which meets building regulations for the proposed building type and use.