Farm buildings and EPCs

Many farm buildings are exempt from the requirement to obtain an EPC. Most buildings which are sold or rented out will require an EPC. The intention is that an EPC is not required for:

1. buildings which do not use fuel or power for controlling the temperature of the internal environment (for instance a cattle shed)

2. non-domestic buildings and buildings that are ancillary to a dwelling that are stand-alone having an area less than 50 square metres (for instance a stand -alone retail unit. Possibly some petrol station kiosk buildings)

3. conversions, alterations and extensions to buildings other than alterations and extensions to stand-alone buildings having an area less than 50 square metres that would increase the area to 50 square metres or more, or alterations to buildings involving the fit-out of the shell which the subject of a continuing requirement;

4. limited life buildings which have an intended life of less than 2 years; and

5. buildings that are subject to Schedule 1 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, as amended. Buildings such as this include a nuclear power station, monument, agricultural greenhouse, a railway locomotive building, caravan or mobile home, temporary building (not used for more than 28 consecutive days or in excess of 60 days.