Is an EPC required for a lease renewal?

EPC, lease renewal, assignation, sub-let Is an EPC required for a lease renewal?An Energy Performance Certtificates is not required for a lease renewal of a non-domestic building in Scotland

EPCs are required to enable potential buyers, tenants or building occupiers to consider the energy performance of a building. Certain transactions would not amount to a sale or let to a new owner or tenant and would therefore not require an EPC and these include.

• lease renewals or extensions

• compulsory purchase orders

• lease surrenders.

This source of this information is The Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Amendment (No.2) Regulations 2012. (SSI 2012no.208)

Regulation 5 Part 4. (4) Any reference in this regulation to the letting of a building or building unit does not include the renewal of an existing lease with the same tenant.

Regulation 5 within this document replaces regulation 5 of the 20028 Regulations to provide that an energy performance certificate is to be shown to a prospective new tenant or buyer and provided to an actual buyer or tenant.