Is an EPC required for the whole building or only the part being sold or let?

In general terms the EPC should be for the property that is being sold or let.

Where it is the whole of the building being sold or let then an EPC, or combination of EPCs, must be provided that covers the whole building. For example there may be one EPC for the whole building or a combination of one EPC per unit plus a separate EPC for the communal areas.

If part of the building being sold / let is designed / altered for separate use then:

1. If the building has a common heating system serving that part and other parts the EPC provided could be either the EPC fir the whole building or an EPC for that part but reflecting an apportioned part of the central plant efficiency.

2. If the building has it's own common heating system then the EPC provided should be of the part only.

Communal areas are ignored when producing the EPC for a part. This guidance is provided from Para 4.2 of the document Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings; A guide to energy performance certificates for the construction, sale and let of non-dwellings produced by Communities and Local Government. A copy is available here: Communites Local Government EPC Guidance 2008