Using 3D building modelling for improving energy performance

Modelling for EPCsWe use 3D graphical software to model buildings and produce EPCs. DesignBuilder 3D software allows efficient building modelling of simple and complex buildings. This software also allows state of the art dynamic energy simulation.

DesignBuilder modelling software allows the geometry of the building to be viewed instantly and we can provide floor layout plans by prior request.complex EPC 3D modelling

3D modelling for industrial buildingsIf you are considering a refurbishment then we can discuss what actions would most improve the EPC result and also model options that you may include including changes to HVAC, lighting, geometry or renewables.

This video gives an insight to modelling buildings for commercial and other non-domestic buildings. We are also able to produce Energy Performance Certificates using Dynamic Simulation Modelling rather than SBEM. More information on DSM can be found here.