Non-domestic property Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) central register.

Scotland: Non-domestic property Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) central register.

In November 2011, the Scottish Government issued a consultation seeking views on the introduction of a fee for each EPC registered on the electronic database as described in the Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2008. This proposal coincides with the expansion of the database to include EPCs for both dwellings and non-domestic buildings.

January 2013 - The Scottish Government has concluded that a central lodgement system will be created and it will be mandatory for non-domestic EPCs to be lodged. It is anticipated that from 1st october 2012 the Scottish Government introduce a lodgement fee for dwellings (£1.15 + VAT) and non-domestic buildings (£5.36 + VAT).


The level for non-domestic buildings has been set at £5.36 + VAT per property plus accreditation costs will bring the true cost of non-domestic lodgement to around £30. EPC software costs are not included in this with private specialist software being in addition to this where the assessor opts not to use iSBEM but a typical software cost may be an additional £10 per EPC.

Why a central registration system has been introduced for non-domestic EPCs in Scotland?

Lodgement of non-domestic EPCs and retention of the data used to produce the certificate will contribute to support work undertaken by Scottish Government including:

* Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

* UK Energy Bill (Green Deal)

* Feed-In Tariffs and

* Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

(non-domestic property includes public buildings / commercial properties such as retail, industrial, office and leisure property)


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