Data Centres &

Data Centre Energy PerformanceServers and associated equipment required to run websites and general internet communication is housed in Data Centres.

Electricity consumed in data centres, including enterprise servers, ICT equipment, cooling, equipment and power equipment contributes substantially to the electricity consumed in Western Europe commercial sector. Between 2007 and 2020 electricity consumption is expected to increase from 56 TWh to 104 TWh.

In order to reduce carbon emissions through the creation of this electricity, data centre energy efficiency should be maximised. Metro Commercial has experience in providing data centre operators with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). In addition to meeting legislative requirements, an EPC for a data centre can begin to identify opportunities to reduce energy and carbon emissions.

In contrast to many conventional buildings, cooling is one of the largest energy users and as such represents the biggest opportunity to improve efficiency.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsettingThe best way to reduce climate change is to reduce CO2 emissions at source. In addition to increasing the energy efficiency of data centres, carbon off-setting aims to partially reduce the effect greenhouse gas emissions have on the planet.

Metro Commercial's website hosting emissions are offset through our host company by Green Mountain Energy. Carbon Credits are purchased to aid in offsetting the emissions associated with data centre use and website hosting. Investments are made in renewable energy such as wind, solar and biomass.