Gross Domestic Product - last updated: July 2018

UK gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.6% in the three months to July

GDP growth was driven by services and construction, with a small drag on growth from production

Three-month growth highest since August 2017

GDP increased by 0.3% in July

Strong retail trade and wholesale trade drove services growth

Despite a large contribution from mining and quarrying, production growth slowed to 0.1% in July 2018

Retail sales

Sales by retailers in Great Britain directly to end consumers, including spending on goods (in store and online) (Retail Sales Index) and spending on services (Index of Services). The industry as a whole is used as an indicator of how the wider economy is performing and the strength of consumer spending.

The Retail Sales Index (RSI) measures the value and volume of retail sales in Great Britain on a monthly basis. Data are collected from businesses in the retail industry and the survey’s results are used to produce seasonally adjusted monthly, quarterly and annual estimates of output in the retail industry at current price and at chained volume measures (removing the effect of inflation). Unless otherwise stated all estimates included in this release are based on seasonally adjusted data.