Click here to download the EPC, Output and Overview document for Avondale Veterinary Surgery, Strathaven. EPC-VeterinarySurgery

folder Avondale Veterinary Surgery

As per your instructions and further to my survey please find attached the lodged EPC and the Output report attached to this email for this ground and first floor veterinary surgery.

The rating is good and there are some further suggestions as to how to improve the rating.

The key recommendations are as follows.

Install PIR occupancy sensing and photoelectric lighting controls. LOW

Upgrade T8 standard to T5 or LED lighting. Carry out a lighting design calculation and make available for EPC model. MEDIUM

Consider fuel switching from oil to biomass. MEDIUM

Consider installing an air source heat pump. LOW

From 1 September 2016, regulations require the assessment and improvement of existing non-domestic buildings with an area of more than 1,000 m². See for information. This building is not subject to these regulations as it is less than 1,000 m² in area and no further action is needed to comply with these regulations.